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A selection of our Wedding Cars!


white vw campervan 

 White and Cream VW Campervan

A gorgeous unusual VW Campervan which will seat 5 passengers and you can travel in style to your wedding.

We have another VW Campervan in red and white which will seat 6 passengers.

Our Campervans are widely admired. Both are immaculately presented to give you, your bridesmaids, pageboys, groomsmen and your guests a fabulous experience and look amazing in photographs.

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 ferrari wedding car liverpool, great for the groom

Ferrari 360 F1 Modena, 1 Passenger what you will hear from all your guests when the groom or best man roll up in this Ferrari 360 Modena!

With its Italian supercar pedigree, the one-off colour scheme and huge chrome alloys, this is a car that Jeremy Clarkson would enjoy taking for a blast.

Our chauffeur, "The Stig" as we like to call him, will pick the groom up in good time to take him for a spin before arriving at the church or wedding venue to the unmistakable tune of the Ferrari's V8 engine.

Be sure to book this one early as it is very popular. Many brides are hiring the Ferrari as a surprise present for the groom.

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Porsche Speedster       

Our 1961 356 Porsche Speedster in white (the James Dean Speedster!) is the perfect retro wedding car. If you are looking for something a little bit different this is ideal and sure to impress your wedding guests.

This is also a great car to hire as a surprise for your groom!

What a great way to start his wedding day, he won't forget this in a hurry!


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